’62 including Moon Dong-ju, Yun Young-cheol and Lee Joo-hyung’… KBO, APBC 2023 National Team Preliminary Roster Confirmed

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) held a Power Reinforcement Committee on the 29th and confirmed a list of 62 reserve players for the national team to participate in the ‘Asia Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) 2023’ to be held at Tokyo Dome in Japan in November.

This competition, which was held for the first time in 2017, has been unable to hold the second competition due to Corona 19, and the second competition will be held this year. APBC 2023 consists of players under the age of 24 (born on or after January 1, 1999) or within three years of playing professionally and three wild cards (born on or after January 1, 1994). The KBO plans to finalize the list of 26 players in mid-October.

APBC 2023 will hold a full league for three days from November 16th to 19th, with four countries participating, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia.

Looking at the preliminary list, the Lotte Giants selected 9 players, the most out of 10 clubs. They included Jin Seung-hyun, Choi Jun-yong (right-hander pitcher), Kim Jin-wook (left-hander), Jeong Bo-geun, Son Seong-bin (catcher), Han Dong-hee (infielder), Yoon Dong-hee, Ko Seung-min, and Kim Min-seok (outfielder).

Kiwoom and NC are the most selected places after Lotte. In Kiwoom, Jang Jae-young, Lee Myung-jong (Right-handed pitcher), Kim Dong-heon (catcher), Kim Hwi-jip, Kim Hye-seong, Lee Joo-hyung (ideal infielder), and Park Chan-hyuk (outfielder) were on the preliminary list.

In NC, Kim Si-hoon, Song Myeong-ki, Shin Min-hyuk, Lee Yong-jun (right-handed pitcher), Kim Young-gyu (left-handed pitcher), Kim Hyeong-jun (catcher), and Kim Joo-won (infielder) opened up the possibility of going to the Tokyo Dome.토토사이트

SSG produced 6 people. Youngjin Song, Roun Lee, Minjun Choi (right-handed pitcher), Won-seok Oh (lefthanded pitcher), Hyeong-woo Cho (catcher), and Eui-san Jeon (infielder) were included in the preliminary list. Six people were also selected from KIA and Samsung. KIA Jung Hae-young (right-handed pitcher), Lee Eui-ri, Yoon Young-chul, Choi Ji-min (left-handed pitcher), Han Jun-su (catcher), Kim Do-yeong (infielder), Samsung Won Tae-in (right-handed pitcher), Lee Seung-hyun (left-handed pitcher, born in 2002), Ji Ae-hyun , Kim Ji-chan (ideal infielder), Kim Seong-yoon, and Kim Hyun-joon (ideal outfielder) were selected.

Among the five selected Hanwha players, Moon Dong-ju, Han Seung-joo (above left-handed pitcher), Noh Si-hwan, Moon Hyun-bin, and Jeong Eun-won (above infielder) were included. At LG, Myeong-Geun Park, Woo-Young Jung (ideal right-hander), Jae-Won Lee, Bo-kyung Moon (ideal infielder), at KT, Min Kim, Young-Hyeon Park, Dong-Hyun Son (ideal right-hander), Baek-Ho Kang (infielder), from Doosan, Bin Gwak, Cheol-Won Jung (ideal right-hander), Byung-Hun Lee ( Left-handed pitcher Lee Sang) and Kim Dae-han (outfielder) were selected.

Four players were also included in Sangmu, and Heo In-seo (catcher), Han Tae-yang, Na Seung-yeop (infielder), and Choo Jae-hyeon (outfielder) were nominated.

Korea plans to select the best team to soothe the regret of finishing runner-up in the first tournament. After losing 7-8 to Japan in the opening game of the first tournament in overtime, Korea won 1-0 against Taiwan after a pitcher’s battle to advance to the final. However, they failed to capture Japanese pitcher Kazuto Taguchi, and ended up losing 0-7 and finishing second.

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