‘First appearance’ Oh Myung-gyu’s World Junior 3-Cushion semifinals ‘spirited’… Expected star Jeong Ye-seong’s disappointing ‘high loss’

Oh Myung-gyu reached the semifinals of the World Junior 3 Cushion, his first appearance. On the other hand, Jeong Ye-seong, who had met her expectations, ended the competition in the quarterfinals.

In the quarterfinals of the ’11th World Junior 3-Cushion Championships’ held in Turkye Ankara on the 16th, Myung-gyu Oh defeated Gonzalo Santos (Portugal) with 35:29 (36 Annang), and Ye-seong Jeong defeated Daniel Sainz Pardo (Spain). We lost in 20:35 (22 innings). ‘Defending champion’ Burak Hashas (Turkiye) defeated Valentino Oliveto (Argentita) 35:21 (25 innings) and advanced to the semifinals, aiming for his second consecutive victory in the tournament.

Accordingly, the semifinals on the 17th were condensed into the matchups between Oh Myung-gyu and Pardo and Hashas and Amir Ibramov (Germany).

Myeong-gyu Oh (Gangwon Billiards Federation) won the game against Santos after repeated comebacks and comebacks. Oh Myung-gyu was narrowly led with 4:7 through the 10th inning and 15:17 through the 18th inning. However, he scored 3 points in the 19th inning and turned the game around for the first time in the game (18:17). Afterwards, the two players had a close battle with a 1-2 point gap. In the 30th inning, the last half of the game, Santos made a last-minute spurt, turning the score around with 24:23. In a game that was up and down, Oh Myung-gyu scored the decisive victory in the 33rd inning. The score was 30:28 with 5 high runs. Oh Myung-gyu took the momentum and ended the game by scoring 5 more runs in the remaining 3 innings (34-36).온라인카지노

Jeong Ye-seong (Seoul Billiards Federation) led 8:6 through 7 innings in the quarterfinals against Pardo, but lost 8:13 after scoring 7 runs in the 8th inning. This continued until the end of the game. In particular, Jeong Ye-seong had difficulty in establishing a foundation for the chase due to the misfortune of narrowly missing at every critical point that would lead to multiple scores.

‘Hopeful star’ Jeong Ye-seong (Seoul Billiards Federation) suffered in the quarterfinals due to lack of attack and bad luck. (Photo = Five and Six)
Jeong Ye-seong, who finished the first half with 9:16 (10 innings), started to chase by scoring 3 runs in 11 innings, but Pardo immediately countered with 4 runs. In particular, while Jeong Ye-seong was left without a hit for 4 consecutive innings, Pardo scored in 7 consecutive innings (11-17), widening the score gap to 13:30. Jeong Ye-seong scored 5 runs in the 18th and 19th innings to catch up at the end, but it was not enough to turn the game around. The game ended with Pardo adding two runs in the 22nd inning.

Jeong Ye-seong, who recorded an average of 1.4 in the round of 16, was disappointed that she could not make it in the quarterfinals as her shots were slightly off at each critical juncture. It will be broadcast live online on Afreeca TV.

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