Gangwon Billiards Federation Oh Myung-gyu wins the World Junior 3-Cushion Championship

Myeong-gyu Oh (Gangwon Billiards Federation, 1st year physical education major at Hallym University) won the championship at the ‘14th World Junior 3 Cushion Championships’.

Oh Myung-gyu defeated Germany’s Amir Ibramov 35 to 33 in 37 innings in the final of this tournament held in Turkye Ankara on the 17th (Korean time). He became the fourth Korean player to win this tournament, following Kim Haeng-jik (Jeonnam Federation, 4-time winner), Myung-woo Cho (Seoul City Hall, 3-time winner), and Kim Tae-gwan (Crown Haitai).

The finals were intense. In the first 10 innings, Ibramov was ahead 13 to 7, but Oh Myung-gyu scored 8 runs in the next 3 innings to make it 15 to 17, and finally tied the game at 27 to 27 in the 28th inning. Afterwards, Oh Myung-gyu ended the game with an outfielder in the 37th inning.온라인카지노

Myeong-gyu Oh said through the Korea Billiards Federation, “I am very happy that my focus on strengthening training for the national team with the goal of winning this tournament has yielded results,” and expressed his determination, “I think this is just the beginning and I will train even harder in the future.” .

Oh Myeong-gyu, who is from Hwacheon and started playing billiards while a first-year student at Gandong High School in Hwacheon, was actually a miracle in itself to be selected as a representative this time. This is because the base of Korean players in that age group is very strong, including Jeong Ye-sung, Jeong Jae-in, and Kim Han-nuri, who were eliminated in the quarterfinals of this tournament. Myeong-gyu Oh, who became a representative player after such fierce competition, won this tournament and became number 1 in the junior world rankings, standing on top of the world.

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